The part time finance director services are specifically designed for small businesses that would benefit from the input of an experienced financial director, but who do not require or have the budget to employ a full time. Finance Director.

Strategic and Business financial planning

When you’re busy performing your day-to-day business tasks it is often difficult to find time to consider what the future may hold that is why we offer part time finance director services to save you time and manage everything for you. Many businesses suffer because they haven’t kept pace with changes in technology, have been unresponsive to industry shifts and what customers and competitors are doing. Keeping abreast of factors that may impact your business and building these into your strategy puts you in a stronger position. Numbers and Beyond can work with you to bring clarity to your business goals and identify routes to achieving them. A three or five year business plan is a fantastic tool to support your growth ambitions, giving clear focus and structure to your decision making.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Our finance director services help budget and forecast for companies. Budgets are usually drawn up once a year and give you the opportunity to assess the likely financial impact of expected changes/trends. This may highlight the need for action, e.g. to raise additional funding or changes to staffing levels. A budget also provides a benchmark against which to measure your actual performance. If you are off track you may need to reconsider your plans and the revised scenario is reflected in a forecast. So the budget is a plan for where you want your business to go, while a forecast is the indication of where it is actually going and a prompt for taking action.

Numbers and Beyond finance director advice and services can help you to prepare both budgets and forecasts, thereby giving you a benchmarking tool and a basis for making informed decisions.

Project Management

If you’ve ever been involved in a project that has not delivered its objectives, costs have spiralled out of control or critical deadlines have been missed, you’ll appreciate the value of good project management. Numbers and Beyond part time finance director services can help you with managing projects, from implementing a new system to integrating an acquisition into your own business. Frances is a qualified Prince2 practitioner and Linda has experience of managing and steering numerous projects.